The savvy Beijing KTV

In China, Karaoke TV also known as KTV has emerged as a popular form of entertainment. Youngsters as well as more mature people enjoy KTV. The culture of Beijing KTV is based on a group of people, mostly youngsters, coming together to have a go at karaoke. There are a lot of Beijing KTV places located across the city. Generally they stay open around the clock and contribute to the nightlife in Beijing.

Beijing KTV places offer multiple karaoke chambers or cubicles that are given out on rent. The charges for these chambers depend on their size. More often than not, the costs of these rooms change within the period of usage. For instance, if you hired a room for 20 RMB for the first hour then it can be raised to 25 RMB for the next hour. The charges peak during late evenings as there is maximum demand at this time. There are certain Beijing KTV places that also offer free meals with the Karaoke. Generally, buffets or snacks are set up along with helpful service.

Beijing KTV is growing more popular with the passage of time and is getting to be a cultural phenomenon. It appeals to all social classes. The Chinese are very fond of having get-togethers and showing off their talent for music and these places are ideal for such purposes. Tourists can join or visit any of these Beijing KTV destinations after sightseeing or shopping. It is a vital nightlife destination and if you love music, then there's no end to the fun you can have at Beijing KTVs. The atmosphere at this Beijing KTV is very relaxed. International songs and retro music are played a lot. In fact, there are chances that you will find more of English songs on the menu than Chinese ones.

Some of the savvy Beijing KTV places that you should visit when you are in Beijing are-

MAO Live House- This place is backed by Bad News, Mao Live, a Japanese record label. They offer a killer sound system and a great stage.

Lion King KTV- This place is known for the bequeathed anthem "hakuna matata". So, you can enjoy songs that you love.

Tong Yi Shou Ge KTV- This place offers 98 Beijing KTV rooms that have high decibel sound level systems along with a VOD ordering system. It also has a music bar to accommodate 50 people.

KTVs are not just about singing along. These are places where you unwind, relax, spend a couple of hours full of fun and music with your friends before you finally head home to bed. This is how the modern Chinese spend evenings together but noteworthy is their passion for Karaoke. Do not miss a visit to a Karaoke in Beijing and experience the Chinese love for singing along: you will be inspired to try a couple of songs yourself, the gaiety can be infectious.